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IFLTG 24/7 Office CS:GO Server

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Welcome to the IFLTG CS:GO 24/7 Office Server!  We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack!  Experience the revival of the once popular Game Renegades' 24/7 Office server!  


There are some rules you will need to follow!


1. CTs need to get hosties!  CTs that fail to leave garage with 45 seconds left on the clock may get slain!

2. No mic or chat spamming.

3. No hacking and no exploits.  Includes but not limited to map or game exploits that gets you to places or things you normally wouldn't be able to access or take advantage of.

4. No disrespecting players, admins, or staff.

5. Don't bother admins if you don't like an action they have taken.  If there is an issue with admins or staff, please contact moethelawn.



Report any players breaking the rules with proof (demo, screenshots, and/or video) in this forum.
Track our bans here: http://www.ifltg.com/sourcebans/
Feel free to provide suggestions on this server!



None at this time.




Feel free to use the console in CS:GO and use the command "connect office.ifltg.com" (without quotes) to jump on the server!
Thanks for playing!




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Server moved and updated!

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